Share your skiing with the world. Join the Snowciety!

Snowciety becomes the social network for skiers and snowboarders

With Snowciety you do not only share your stats on a map, you share your whole skiing adventure.

Earlier this season Snowciety released a brand new design for its mobile apps. Now with this update it is possible to share photos, status updates and snow conditions. Share pictures while traveling to the Alps or announce that you just booked a trip to Canada. The Snowciety app becomes the social network for skiers and Snowboarders. You can track your runs with Snowciety by measuring statistics like speed, distance and vertical meters. Snowciety plots your route on their own beautiful maps. You can see where your friends are in real-time and can now share your whole adventure with the friends who share your passion for snow.

Social platform

"The ability to see where your friends are on the slopes in real-time is one of our unique features", says Timan Rebel, co-founder of Snowciety, "Our goal has always been to expand that. Skiing and snowboarding is not just about stats on a map. It’s an experience you want to share more fully. By adding photos, sharing the snow conditions and not only seeing your own routes, but also those of your friends. Snowciety wants to facilitate that".


To use the social features, like sharing photos or looking up the location of your friends, an active internet connection is required. It is however also possible to use Snowciety offline. When you enter a restaurant or ski lift and connect with their WiFi, Snowciety automatically synchronises your route and requests the current position of your friends. That way Snowciety is also usable for people who do not yet have mobile internet abroad.


Snowciety is available for free in the App Store and Play Store.

Wondering in which ski resorts Snowciety is available? Well, in all of ‘em!


Announcing the all-new Android app!

We are really proud to announce our brand new Android app! We have been working on this update since the end of last season. 

Just like our new iOS app, the technology behind this app is completely rebuild to make the app faster and more stable. The new version also features a brand new design.

While recording, you can now shoot photo’s that will be added to your track and shared with your friends immediately. You can  also add status updates, weather and snow conditions. You can even tag the friends you are skiing with!


You can download the all-new Snowciety for Android in the Play Store! (And of course Snowciety for iOS in the App Store)

Snowciety 3.0.6 for iOS

This update fixes 2 major bugs:

  1. When saving your track failed due to a bad network connection, it was possible to lose the end of your track and resulted in your track not being shared on your social networks and title being ‘Live from…’
  2. Connecting Twitter to your Snowciety was sometimes not properly saved and sharing on Twitter was thus not possible.

Furthermore we improved the Invite Friends section in general, with improved support for Facebook, Twitter and your address book.

We are also looking for help translating our app to French, German, Italian, Spanish, you name it. If you are bilingual, you can help us at

Download 3.0.6 for iOS on the App Store.

We love blue Mondays!
We love blue Mondays!

We love blue Mondays!

Holy crap.. Red Bull has shot another amazing video. Nick Goepper breaks down his winning free skiing tricks, with a lot of slomo and awesome shots. Well done Red Bull!

From the archives: Vintage skiing photos dug up a great gallery of vintage skiing photos, most of them dating before WWII. 

Snowciety 3.0.4 for iOS


Happy new year everyone! Another update with lots of improvements.

  • You can now invite new friends while recording.
  • Added your own marker in ‘Friends on Map’ as well, so it is easier to compare your location with that of your friends.
  • Tagged friends, weather, snow and mood are now remembered from the last time they were set (in the same recording).
  • Amount of friends on a profile is now displaying the correct amount and is clickable to an overview of that User’s friends
  • We’ve set a higher timeout when uploading pictures. This should prevent a lot of timeout errors. (Not every resort has Wifi, 4G or ‘even’ 3G :))
  • Misc smaller bug fixes and improvements.

We really appreciate all your feedback. Keep sending it to or

Download Snowciety from the App Store

Bearded ski masks


Want to look like ZZ-Top on the slopes? There bearded ski masks are awesome! :)

You can buy them at Amazon.

Moguls are hard for snowboarders. Luckily you can conquer them with a bit of practise! This video shows you how.